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Oil Painting workshop

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Oil Painting workshop
: Oil Painting workshop
: Aggy Boshoff
: Dorling Kindersley
: 2006
: 128
: pdf
: 31,9 mb

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This book is a hands-on approach to painting in oils and aims to set the budding artist on the path to using this most satisfying medium with enthusiasm and confidence. It begins by detailing the pigments, brushes, and other equipment you will need, including new products that take away some of the perceived problems for the amateur artist using oils in the home, such as odor and slow-drying paintings propped up all over the place. You will discover the techniques of applying paint, from translucent glazes to thick impasto, and learn about color mixing, both in practical terms and in the use of contrasting and harmonizing colors to bring vibrancy and balance to your paintings.

Oil Painting workshop

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