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Simple Arduino based 4 Floor Elevator project

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Simple Arduino based 4 Floor Elevator project: Simple Arduino based 4 Floor Elevator project
: Seyedreza Fattahzadeh
: Amazon Digital Services LLC
: 2015
: 68
: epub, pdf
: 10.1 MB

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1 ATmega16. C CodevisionAVR . , , .
2 Arduino Mega, ATmega2560.

Getting this manual will make you able of designing and implementing a four-floor elevator control system. This comes as a microcontroller based system of my previous PLC based project (Programming a 4 Floor Elevator with SIMATIC S7-300 or LOGO). Note: By searching simple Arduino based 4 floor elevator project on YouTube, you will be able to watch a smoothly functioning prototype based of this manual. Developing this project will give you an idea to either how to implement a relatively complex end year college project or give you enough hands on experience to apply for an entry level job on application of Microcontrollers with full confidence. In this text we will learn the circuit design for a 4 Floor Elevator Control on how to develop a four stories passenger lift or cargo lift using an ATmega16 Microcontroller. This text consists of two main chapters:
Chapter 1 is devoted to the design and implementation of a simple 4 Floor Elevator Control system using an ATmega16 microcontroller. The main control program solution is prepared in C language using CodevisionAVR software. In addition, the schematic of all the hardware used in project is provided in the text.
Chapter 2 is devoted to redesigning the same lift system using the Arduino Mega development board, which is a microcontroller board based on the ATmega2560 microcontroller.

Simple Arduino based 4 Floor Elevator project

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